Corona is deadly dangerous disease

It is deadly dangerous for
  • ashma patients.
  • Heart patients
  • Diabetes patients.
  • Small children.
  • Old people.
  • Smokers and heavy drinkers.


A). They are in dangerous zone Ashma (Wheeze) is a sickness follows with allergy. That may be because of food,         coldness or warmness. Because of ashma (Wheeze) the affect starts firstly in nostrils. If you can stop it with           hot water, or some minor drug like piriton, the attack can be minimized. If allergy is affected on windpipe and       finally on lungs. It may be little dangerous. If this cronic situation continues, you have to use inhaler with               medicine. If a inhaler is used for three months, the effect of asham (wheeze) decreases.Furthermore in future         how to overcome wheeze will be given to you. The danger of wheeze is the reducing ofetas elasticity of lungs       making you a permanent wheeze patient.Corona plays the same role like wheeze. It sickens the    lungs                 seriously with the effect pneumonia. A wheeze patient has weak lungs, making the serious.

B). Heart patients have weak hearts. When lungs are weak due to corona, the oxygen supply on heart and blood       flow reduces giving risk of a heart attack.

C). Diabetes patients have the problem of insulin flow to convert food into glycogen for depositing in liver.As a         result the execs food (glucose) leaves the body as urine.This excess work on kidney makes the kidney weak.           So body has the weak kidneys and weak body muzzles.The result is that corona virus become more powerful         in the body.

D,E). Old people have weak lungs, giving rise to attack the lungs when corona infected. Small children are also              same as old people.

F). Heavy drinkers and smokers have weak lungs giving a chance for the infection.

G). But recent surveys have found that pregnant women have the power of immunity to survive from corona.



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