This virus can be transmitted from some-body to another easily.

  • By touching

  • By kissing

  • By hugging

By droplets of saliva spreading about when some-body coughs.

  • A, B, C. To avoid the first three

Never try to welcome anybody by, shaking hands, kissing or hugging. Just welcome them by keeping the palms together.

  1. d) Use a conditioned mask to avoid the saliva of some-body entering in to your body.
  2. When you go out and come home wash your hands thoroughly.
  3. If you go seated in a bus, car or any vehicle, take off all your clothes and wash, when you come home,
  4. All the family members should use separate things such as, plates, soap, spoons, and cups.
  5. If a family member is infected with influenza, be vigilant to stop the transmission his viral infection on others at home.
  6. Consume, immunity enhancing herbal medians, such as garlic, ginger, coriander and weniwel geta.
  7. Try to wash your hands with iso propyl alcohol.
  8. Don’t touch your mouth, nose or eyes without having a thorough wash on your hands.

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