Without a doubt, you may have a lot of problems because of COVID=19, if you are expecting to get your dream wedding these days, don’t you? It will be a tough spot but do not worry, we are here to help you and we hope our article will inspire you too!

In addition to that, a wedding is a function that is full of happiness and fun. That’s why you must be aware of planning this big day. There cannot be any issue that makes that day unlucky. In this case, you should get a good idea about the way to handle money as it plays the main role here. Your decision will make the path to provide your guests with a great experience. So, these are some key tips to save money on your wedding.

Choose practical wedding favors

How to choose a wedding favor without allowing it to become a waste? Yeah, it is right, there are a lot of options available for you. So, we are going to recommend you a new trick. First, ask yourself this question. ‘’If I am the guest, what would I need as the wedding favor?’’ ‘’From what I actually benefit from?’’ You will be able to make a proper decision by thinking according to this way. For instance, I have attended so many wedding functions, and have received random wedding favors. Most of the time, I ended up throwing them. Unfortunately, all the money spent on them will become a waste! The couple could have used that money for another important factor. That’s why this point is so special!

As well as that, I have seen that a couple gave donuts as their wedding favor. Also, they came with a cute paper bag saying, ‘’Donuts Mind If I Do’’. It was a super hit on that day.

Always work according to a budget

Even it seems easy, there are so many factors you must consider before making a budget. You have to be very strict here. Especially, most of the sellers try to charge more in these cases so that they clearly talk with them about your budget and ask for the best offer they can provide you. This method will work while the other people are spending so much money only for one small duty!

Try to limit your guest list

Yeah, it is tricky. This has become a big issue as everyone tries to invite all the ones they know. For instance, you have your family members and friends. As the same as that, your fiancé also has a such kind of list. Furthermore, your mom or dad may be looking to invite another big list. So, how are you going to handle the expense for all of them?

Definitely, you need to create a limited list here! So, decide the number of guests and stick with it. Always consider the amount that you can afford. Unless your dream day memories won’t make you happy if anything goes wrong.


Wedding a special function so that you do not allow any factor to stress you out. What you must do is, choosing the best thing for you and your partner. If you manage your money well, you will be able to enjoy a super time without any worries. I wish you all the best!


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