Don’t think that you want fish chicken or any meat to make patties. Other thing is that you don’t need a flour covering for the prepared gruel, as it absorbs excess oil which is bad for the healthy body.

This patties are prepared with sweet potatoes,

Ingredients needed

  1. Boiled and drained 500g of sweet potatoes. Shouldn’t boil too much, and peel the potatoes. Then keep them on a paper to be little dry sliced finely?
  2. Five green chili pods,
  3. Dry chilly pods finely cut with a scissor without chilly seed..
  • Finely cut two Bombay onion bulbs.
  1. Small amount of curry leaves.
  2. Half tea spoon full of must and seed.
  3. One inch piece of cinnamon two pods of cloves and two pods of all crushed together.
  • Finely sliced piece of leeks.
  • 1 ½ tea spoon of pepper powder.
  1. One tea – spoonful of chopped chilly.
  2. Quarter cup of finely sliced carrot.
  3. Lime juice of half lime
  • Two table spoonfuls of wheat flour.

How to prepares

Crush sweet potatoes and boil for two minutes with boil for two minutes with boil then add the green chilies and boil for 10 seconds. Then fry curry leaves and leeks for one minute and down the put our of wrath. So put the sweet potatoes then add chilies, pepper powder, salt powder clove and cardamom and lime juice so make five paste by mixing wheat flour.

So make flat patties with your hands applying some boil on palms.

So put full 4 tablespoonful on to a pan and fry the patties till it sets the golden colour so serve them applying some chili sauce and with tomatoes.



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